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Potty Training!

April 6, 2019

We did it! Well, kind of. I would say Hayden is 90% potty trained right now. We decided to really dive in a little over a week ago to this whole potty training thing. Hayden seemed interested, I think she is age appropriate and I kind of just said, screw it, lets do it. I went into our week with a SUPER and I mean SUPPPERRRR open mind. Of course I wanted her to grasp it right away, but I told myself if it was a fight, or if she was getting upset, we would say forget it and just try again in a few months. No biggie. She surprised the crap out of me when she was just as excited as me the first time she went on the potty!! I knew that was a good sign, so we went with it. I'm going to give you guys a quick overview of how our first few days went and then I will break down what changes we made that seriously made all the difference. So right now Hayden uses the potty during the day, but she still wears a pull up to bed and at naptime. She honestly wakes up pretty dry most of the time, but to be real with you, I'm just not ready for that step yet. We will get there in due time and I'm honestly just beyond thrilled that she is using the potty all day long! 


DAY 1:

The first day was pretty uneventful. It's a learning curve for mama and toddler so I didn't put too much pressure on either of us. Hayden woke up at 8:00 am that day and I immediately took her diaper off of her and literally didn't take my eyes off her. I tried to put her on the potty every 30 minutes or so, but she would sit their for 20 minutes and then NOTHING! She held her pee for 4 hours that morning and then finally had an accident around noon. Dang it. I didn't make a big deal about it though, and I got her down for a nap shortly after that. She napped from 1:00-3:45 that day. When I got her up from her nap, I did the same thing as that morning. Immediately took her diaper off and had her sit on the potty. Anddddd NOTHING. She held her pee again until 6 pm and had another dang accident! Day 1 was a trip, let me tell you.


DAY 2 & 3:

I went into day 2 and 3 not really knowing what I would do different those days...it was literally such a learning curve for both of us! I pretty much just watched her like a hawk, didn't leave the house and she never wore pants! I also kept her potty within reach pretty much at all times. We still had accidents, but on days 2 and 3 she definately made progress and I made sure to get SUPER excited and celebrate when she did go on the potty! I didn''t even have to "act" excited haha, I pretty much threw a party everytime she successfully peed on the potty! 


DAY 4: 

So up until Day 4, we didn't leave the house, and if we had to run a quick errand I just put her in a pull up... Well turns out that's a big NO-NO! I asked other mama's what they would recommend doing to really kick this potty training thing into gear and the biggest advice I got was, GO ALL IN! If you're going to do it, really do it. Ditch the pull up, let her have accidents, just always be prepared for a mess. So that's what I did, and that my friends, is when everything changed!! I got one of those travel seats that are pretty much universal to any regular sized toilet and we actually left the house with no pull-up on! I think I brought 5 pairs of pants with us just in case haha! And guess what? Hayden seriously surprised me. I took her to the bathroom when we went inside and I took her again on our way out. Then we went to the grocery store and did the same thing. Girlfriend was killing it. Something just clicked!


DAY 5:

Today was the day that mama finally got it together. I should have known, but Hayden likes to do everthing that I do. She didn't want to sit on her stupid little fake pink potty. She wanted to sit on the big toilet (with the little kid seat on top of course) and she wanted to wipe, and flush and wash her hands like me. I put her on the normal toilet every hour that day and guess what? She peed EVERY TIME. She wiped and she flushed and she washed her hands and she didn't have a single accident that day. YES! We finally figured this thing out! 


At this point, we are about 2 weeks in and Hayden hasn't had a single accident! She still doesn't tell me when she has to go, but as long as mama takes her to the bathroom every hour, we are golden baby. On another note... number 2. We haven't quit got there yet, but I keep hearing this is super normal and just takes a little time. Like I said, she still naps in a pull up and right now she goes number 2 the second she wakes up from her nap! So consequently, I don't even have time to see that she is up and run up to her room and put her on the potty before she has already taken care of business if you know what I mean... 


So that's our potty training adventure so far! I'm pretty dang proud of my girl and I know she will eventually not sleep in a pull up and go number 2 on the potty. We will get there. But I'm pretty dang excited about our progress! I hope this helps any other mama's out that are about to dive into potty training. If you can take one thing away from this I would say to really just pay attention to your toddler. What isn't working and what can we change? The smallest changes for us really made the biggest difference!


Cheers, mama! You got this.




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